5 Essential SEO Strategy Components

Having a website to maintain your online presence is not enough because search engines continuously change their way to work and rank websites. So you need to be ahead one step by keeping yourself up-to-date about current SEO practices and planning useful SEO strategies that actually work in your favour. Over time, SEO has added many other factors in it that you should adopt as soon as possible if you’re just starting out to maintain your online presence through a website. You may also want to consider hiring a local agency such as SEO Essex who can ensure these are implemented correctly a maintain the campaign for you.

Proper Keyword Research:

Many people have a misconception about keyword research and they fail to conduct a proper research that eventually hinders their success online. People focus on keywords that have too many searches and produce content based on those keywords for their website. But the issue is many other people are also working on those highly searched keywords.

This means you’d have tough competition when your targeted keyword would be searched by someone and you’ll have a little chance of getting noticed. As an alternative approach, you may focus on keywords that have low competition because getting noticed by few thousands is better than getting ignored by few million of users. Go with that keyword which has low competition even if it is a long tailed keyword because ultimately it would benefit you in long run.

Engaging Content:

The second essential component that you should add into your SEO strategy is to focusing on creating engaging content (much like this affliate marketing video). By engaging, I mean you should create content that could relate with reader and encourage him to read complete post instead of leaving it halfway. Instead of writing about your future plans, you may write about any problem people usually face in your industry and propose a nice solution that you tried at your time. People love to hear personal experiences and this is one example of an engaging content that people love to read with more interest.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another essential part of SEO strategy that you should implement throughout your SEO practice. You’re not only one serving in your industry as there are many other people that relate with nature of your business. So you may reach out to them and see how you two can work together on that website. Create a compelling post that proves you as an authority in your industry so the reader would love to know more about you and your business Guest posting really helps driving traffic from other websites to your website. So you should get some benefit from this part of SEO.

Building Quality Links:

When it comes to link building then many people count the number of websites linking back to your website which is useless. This means if you have thousand websites linking back to your website but they are not quality links then it’s of no use bragging about the numbers. So try to create quality links even if they are less in quantity but have more value for you in terms of quality otherwise you won’t get most out of your SEO strategy.

Utilising Social Media:

Today, SEO alone can’t serve your purpose if you miss to utilize social media part for your website. There are millions of people using different social platforms and you can use these platforms in your interest. You can drive traffic back to your website by effectively using social media, Facebook YouTube etc. platforms available at your end. Because search engines also count how many social signals a specific website is getting during their ranking process.