5 Essential SEO Strategy Components

Having a website to maintain your online presence is not enough because search engines continuously change their way to work and rank websites. So you need to be ahead one step by keeping yourself up-to-date about current SEO practices and planning useful SEO strategies that actually work in your favour. Over time, SEO has added many other factors in it that you should adopt as soon as possible if you’re just starting out to maintain your online presence through a website. You may also want to consider hiring a local agency such as SEO Essex who can ensure these are implemented correctly a maintain the campaign for you.

Proper Keyword Research:

Many people have a misconception about keyword research and they fail to conduct a proper research that eventually hinders their success online. People focus on keywords that have too many searches and produce content based on those keywords for their website. But the issue is many other people are also working on those highly searched keywords.

This means you’d have tough competition when your targeted keyword would be searched by someone and you’ll have a little chance of getting noticed. As an alternative approach, you may focus on keywords that have low competition because getting noticed by few thousands is better than getting ignored by few million of users. Go with that keyword which has low competition even if it is a long tailed keyword because ultimately it would benefit you in long run.

Engaging Content:

The second essential component that you should add into your SEO strategy is to focusing on creating engaging content (much like this affliate marketing video). By engaging, I mean you should create content that could relate with reader and encourage him to read complete post instead of leaving it halfway. Instead of writing about your future plans, you may write about any problem people usually face in your industry and propose a nice solution that you tried at your time. People love to hear personal experiences and this is one example of an engaging content that people love to read with more interest.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another essential part of SEO strategy that you should implement throughout your SEO practice. You’re not only one serving in your industry as there are many other people that relate with nature of your business. So you may reach out to them and see how you two can work together on that website. Create a compelling post that proves you as an authority in your industry so the reader would love to know more about you and your business Guest posting really helps driving traffic from other websites to your website. So you should get some benefit from this part of SEO.

Building Quality Links:

When it comes to link building then many people count the number of websites linking back to your website which is useless. This means if you have thousand websites linking back to your website but they are not quality links then it’s of no use bragging about the numbers. So try to create quality links even if they are less in quantity but have more value for you in terms of quality otherwise you won’t get most out of your SEO strategy.

Utilising Social Media:

Today, SEO alone can’t serve your purpose if you miss to utilize social media part for your website. There are millions of people using different social platforms and you can use these platforms in your interest. You can drive traffic back to your website by effectively using social media, Facebook YouTube etc. platforms available at your end. Because search engines also count how many social signals a specific website is getting during their ranking process.

How To Choose The Perfect Local SEO Agency

The business industry has never been this competitive. Companies use every marketing strategy available just to gain an edge from their competitors. New strategies are researched and applied just to compete among the top in the industry. Such competitive spirit can be observed as companies now employ or considering online marketing. Online marketing has become a major aspect in the marketing campaign for a company to reach new heights in the business society. Some advantages that make online marketing a must have for companies are reach, cost-profit ratio, branding and quality advertising personalized to specific target market.

For companies which are considering online marketing, the most efficient way is to hire a local SEO agency which can provide quality service to jumpstart their online marketing campaign. Yet just like the companies competing in their respective industry, SEO agencies amount to hundreds even in the local area. Even if the investment for an online marketing campaign is cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns, investing in such endeavor should be taken with precaution to avoid wasting precious funds. Here are some useful tips to help companies choose the perfect local SEO agency.

  1. Credibility – Trustworthy is the most important trait that you want from your business partners. Having a local SEO agency you can trust the future of your online marketing is a great deal. Check if the agency is registered in your area with a business permit, visit their Loc8 Commercial office and meet the team. Established SEO agencies value their brand and will likely provide honest, quality service than nonregistered agencies.
  2. Track Record – Experience is vital in choosing your local digital marketing agency, for instance. You don’t want some random agency make an experiment out of your online marketing campaign. You need someone with a good track record to ensure that the local SEO agency can provide great results.
  3. Services – SEO is a broad industry. You must check the services they are offering in order to know if the services coincides with your company needs.
  4. Packages – SEO agencies are competing with each other. They try to attract customers by offering packages with a fixed price. Try checking several local SEO agencies and compare the packages they offer to maximize value.
  5. Warranty And Support – Online marketing campaign is a long-term campaign which requires a minimum of 6 months to have visible results. Get a local SEO agency which can provide support and warranty service for your online marketing campaign even after the setup of your company websites and social media accounts.
  6. Approach – Goals and objectives are not enough to know if the agency is at the top of its field. Inquire how they will approach your online marketing campaign to get a picture whether the agency is truly capable to meet and exceed your expectations.
  7. Price – No matter how great the services the agency offers, it will not matter if it is beyond your company budget for running an online marketing campaign. Balance your budget and the quality of service they could offer when selecting the perfect local SEO agency.

Reference:  https://econsultancy.com/blog/64925-what-is-local-seo-and-why-do-you-need-it/

Online marketing is daunting for companies which are just starting to tap its potential. The perfect local SEO agency will put your mind at ease and be with you step-by-step in partaking this challenge. They will not only provide you quality results but also show you the ropes in online marketing to make you capable enough in maintaining a competitive online marketing campaign to fully enjoy its benefits both short-term and long-term. Online marketing is not easy, but with a perfect local SEO agency, incorporating online marketing along with the other established marketing campaigns will be smooth and efficient.

SEO For Beginners

When starting out, SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ can be extremely daunting. There is often a very large cloud of panic that surrounds a person when they first try to perform some form of SEO. What do I do? How do I do it? What if? There are lots of questions that will go through a persons mind. So how do you start?

Getting a clear head really is one of the best things you can do. It may be hard considering that there are so many uncertainties, but getting yourself together really is an essential. Forgetting about all of the panic that you may well be facing is very important. Take things 1 step at a time and make sure that you always have a list of things to do so you don’t get lost. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in your office working out what it all means. If you purchase height adjustable desks by HADO, you can sit or stand so you don’t get tired of sitting down all day.

Let’s break it down even further. There are two different types of optimisation. The first being onsite optimisation and the second being offsite optimisation. They are both intricate and they both require a certain level of knowledge to complete on a website.

I personally believe that onsite optimisation is much easier and less hassle than offsite, but that’s just my personal opinion. Here are a few tips for beginners:

Watch some youtube videos.
YouTube is a great free source of information that is easy to absorb, scout out some great people that make youtube videos about SEO. Learn about what they are saying. Don’t know a word they’ve used? Google is your next best friend!

2. Read some books.
Another great source of knowledge can be found through reading, just make sure to know that your source is relatively new. Older books can provide you with information that simply doesn’t work anymore.

3. Talk to an SEO.
When starting out as a search engine goer, everything was confusing. But sometimes all is takes is to speak to an expert; Hugh Thomas from SEO Cardiff was the first person that I spoke to when I was really stuck. He helped me gain an insight into what it takes and what systems you need to have in place in order to succeed. Why not find a local SEO consultant (Gareth Bull, another good SEO!) and speak to them? There are also many different training courses that you could attend to improve your knowledge.

4. Understand that you will never know everything about SEO.
It is paramount that you understand that you will not ever know 100% of the stuff that you can learn about SEO. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when starting out. Learning a little and applying it is much more important that trying to learn everything and failing, this is why it is important to step back every once in a while and actually apply your research to a few different projects, more often than not you will learn more from your experience than by the knowledge you learned initially.

Well I hope you’ve learnt some tips from this article and you don’t feel so overwhelmed. It is a game that is always changing and it can seem hard to keep up, but persistence is always key.

2015 Email Marketing Trends for Your Marketing Plan

With the steady rise in popularity of email marketing as a potent tool to reach out to your target market via the buyer’s circle and marketing funnel, there are a few factors to consider when creating your marketing plan for 2015:

Image-Based vs Text-Based Emails

What do consumers prefer, company emails that consist mostly of text or images? Based on the 2014 Science of Email Report from HubSpot, there is a marked disconnection between the self-reported statistics and the observational data derived from the tests conducted by HubSpot in 2011 and 2014. Almost 2/3 of the respondents said that they preferred emails that are mostly image-based than text-based.

When doing email marketing, it is always best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of opting to use images over text. Do some experimenting on the different types of text and image content in your click-through and open rates, and come up with the appropriate strategy.

A balance between images and text, in general, should be able to cover everything. Likewise, make sure to compose your emails in both text-based and HTML codes so user-friendly emails can be received even by servers with stringent image settings.

Email Timing

The best time to send out your emails should be the most convenient time for your readers based on their timetable. Some testing will be necessary here since there is really no specific time when users check their inboxes.

Here’s what you can do. Halve your email list and send emails to each of the groups at different times. Review the results and make the necessary time adjustments. Do this regularly to make sure that you are sending emails at the most appropriate time for your target audience.

Considering Mobile Devices in Email Formats

The trend on user preference on the main source of email views is currently turning in favor of mobile devices, and no longer on mobile devices. Thus, it has become imperative that when designing your templates or formatting your emails, this evolution must be seriously considered.

Litmus reports that most emails today are viewed using iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. From 21%, the mobile open rate jumped to 51% in 2013 alone. Self-reported statistics in HubSpot, meanwhile, say that 57% of survey participants read their emails through their phones, and 33% on their tablets.


When formulating your email marketing tactics, consider everything. Regularly test and evaluate the results to optimize your success rate. Technology trends play a vital role in the email marketing evolution so it is crucial that you keep updated. Choose a cost effective platform, EmailOctopus is superb and plugs into Amazon SES which helps you send 10,000 emails for $1. Not bad!

Tips for the Weekly Maintenance of Your WordPress Website

Building a rock-solid website can be likened to building a home for your family, you want it to be the best so why not get the best to build it? We recommend companies like Outre Creative, they can create and help maintain your site. This is because once you have set up your site, you have to do regular maintenance procedures to make sure that it is always functioning at optimum levels. The time required for maintenance varies, depending on the website size, but it should take no more than a few minutes every week.

Regular website maintenance allows you to pinpoint any potential issues promptly. It is also important to keep in constant touch with members of your audience who have spent some time posting comments on blogs to give you a helpful overview through statistics.

Following are five useful tips that you can use when doing your WordPress Maintenance weekly:

  1. Check Your Homepage – At first glance, this may seem too simple; however, regularly going to your website’s homepage is important, at the same time, an easy task to do weekly, and maybe, even daily. By merely visiting your homepage, you can quickly identify and address problems such as hosting or domain name issues, and God forbid, hackers gaining access and doing damage to your website.

A good bit of advice is to visit your site using different devices like your tablet, mobile phone and computer, and through various browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Click on the links and make sure that everything is working fine. Try viewing your site from a fresh perspective or that of a first-time visitor to gain first-hand experience on what they are going to see.

  1. Export the Contents of Your Website – To do this, go to the WordPress Dashboard and select “Tools.” Then click on “Export” and then “All Content.” This will then generate the .xml file that contains your webpages, comments, posts, as well as other info, depending on the plug-ins that you may have installed.

However, you have to remember that although the process will save a lot of your content, it is not intended to back-up your WordPress site database; you have to use another service for that purpose. Exporting your file is very fast and convenient to do, and it may help you save time in case you lose your pages.

  1. Try Running Any WordPress Theme Updates and Plugins – Running any updates is a highly recommended practice because it will help you make sure that your website is stable. You can see the updates expressed as a number beside “Plugins” or right under the header “Dashboard” and “Updates.” This procedure is likewise easy and quick to perform and it will tell you if you have installed the latest versions.

It is important to note that when you are installing updates, there is a slim possibility that the new version may result to some unexpected issues. However, you will rarely have major problems if you do regular exports and backups as previously mentioned. Although updating requires a bit of work, it is still better than having to address potential problems that may otherwise occur if you do not update.

  1. Check and Act on Comments – Checking and acting on comments may be done more frequently than just weekly, but spending even only a few minutes every week for checking purposes can help you maintain good control over comments. To do this procedure, just go to the dashboard and click on the comments area. Reply to each comment and remove the spam items that may have been missed by your spam filters. It is always a good idea to reply to all legit blog comments.
  1. Check and Analyze Statistics – There are many tools that you can use to check and analyze stats such as Jetpack. This way, you can have an idea on who your referrers (where your site visitors are originating from) are, the top pages and posts, clicks, and the terms that people use on search engines to find your website. Although stats provided by WordPress Jetpack are generally sufficient for small businesses and startups, you may also want to use Google Analytics for more in-depth data.

Outsource Your Digital Companies Bookkeeping

Would employing a full-time back-office staff be too expensive, especially if you’re working at home as most digital marketers do?! Does the bookkeeping job take up too much of your time from the business? An expert is needed to help you with your bookkeeping tasks when these prove to be too difficult to handle. If hiring staff to handle the bookkeeping and accounting is cost-prohibitive but you still need such services in your employ, then outsourced bookkeeping is the right path to take.

  • Overhead costs are reduced

It is very expensive to hire a full-time bookkeeper. The expense does not only cover salary but other costs, too – such as retirement plans, medical insurance, and added expenses incurred in hiring and training of the personnel. Outsourced bookkeeping can stop delays in work when employees call in sick or come in late, do away with benefits and training expenses, and easily reduce the number of employees.

  • Time management

A business is not run on accounting alone unless it is an accounting company. The worst-case scenario a business owner faces will be to do the bookkeeping himself. This could lead to a lot of stress and frustrations as owners try to unravel the intricacies of a bookkeeping job. By using outsourcing for bookkeeping needs, valuable time is saved to spend time on the business and other projects to make it successful.

  • Easy accessibility

Accessibility to outsourced experts is easy and can be hired per need. They are professional bookkeepers that can maintain accurate and correct records to keep all your financial information updated quickly. The formal schooling and hands-on experience that outsourced bookkeepers have can prevent penalties imposed on you when underpayments are made as a result of inaccurate paperwork.

  • No more staffing problems

People calling in sick, maternity leaves, and employee vacations leave gaps in the back-office staff that may cause the work to pile up since the company won’t stop having to make deposits, meet payroll, and pay bills. Those blank spaces can be easily filled out with temporarily outsourced bookkeeping staff that can readily do the task without having to spread the remaining staff too thin over the work.

Financial records are among the major stresses any company faces. The use of outsourced bookkeeping staff, specialist Xero Bookkeeper Sydney for instance, gives you peace of mind since you know that for any tax purposes or banking needs, your financial records are in order. The experts that they have are also abreast with updated regulations and other financial requirements so that you are safe in the knowledge that your bookkeeping is safe. Another option you also have is to invest in Robotic Process Automation. The virtual workforce is also able to do your bookkeeping as well as a multiple of other process automations. This enables you to free up some time for your employees so that they can focus on other improtant pieces of work that needs their attention.

The Four Social Media Marketing Tips

smmGoing through this article, you will learn four good social media marketing tips that will help you drive targeted traffic to your website. Social media can be one of the most powerful ways of driving targeted traffic if you know what you are doing. It is known as a less traffic generation method. In order to get more traffic, it is necessary to share these social media marketing tips.

The first of the tips on social media marketing is to make most friends who have an interest in what you are promoting. For example, if you are doing promotion of products in the dog training niche, the best thing is to find friends who have an interest in training their dogs. Another helpful idea when you are promoting is to put free materials on your page, which will be helpful to the gathered friends. Gathering friends who are random with no common interest will make it hard for you to use this method as a traffic generation technique. An example of this is a tutorial video of how to teach your dog a trick. If you were to hire a video marketing agency like Red Pill, you would have a professional look to the video. The better the video the more likes and shares it will get!
The second most important tip of social media marketing is to share important information with no intention of making money. People have instincts and ability to spot a marketer from far. A good example is that when you have useful information, you are supposed to put them on a page without having any affiliate links.

Sharing of useful information is advantageous in the building of stronger relationships with trust among your friends and acquaintances. The main reason for the people who are afraid to click on your links is a major lack of trust. Building strong relationships and sharing useful information is useful ideas will go a long way.
The Third important social media marketing tip is to get involved on the profiles of the best friends.
Commenting on their updates will so that you have an interest in them. This will make them free and natural for them to make comments on your updates. When making comments, always come up with a positive mindset. There is nobody who likes to be put down in their profile. For even more building of a stronger relationship between your friends, it is important to show interest in their profiles by commenting on their pictures.
The fourth last social media marketing tip is to make people mostly be able to clicking on your links. I the process when you feel uncomfortable and qualified to give a highly entertaining materials, you can get it from other sources. You can, for instance, get an entertaining story and post them on your profile. Getting funny, and scary stories will get people develop the habit of clicking the links that you put up. They will be used to click on the links when you finally put up your website.
Using these social media marketing tips, it will help in getting targeted traffic and build strong friends in social media.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies

"PPC" Tag Cloud (website pay per click marketing advertising)As leaders in the digital design world, top agencies recognize how important it is to marketing that they keep up with the trends and help businesses reach all of their potential in the digital marketing world.

There are a variety of ways that digital media can be utilized to help promote businesses. These forms of digital media must have some sound planning as well as a proven strategy behind them in order to ensure that they are reaching the right target audience. It’s vital that corporate communication is fully supported via a solid brand identity. Marketing should be fully enhanced via a good brand that supports overall sales. There are a variety of ways media can be utilized in or4der to put the message out there for the public.

HTML can be used to help target a wide audience. Emails may be utilized to help direct readers to micro sites which can help to reinforce and brand the message. Sites can be used to utilize marketing analytics as well as tracking that means more and more people can be targeted to visit the site. As people click and choose the pages this information can be utilized to show popularity and to capture more data that can then be useful in targeting a wider audience more efficiently.

This can in turn lead to more viral advertising. Videos can be crafted to help promote more effective marketing. There are many elements that play into this including sharing which thanks to social media has opened up an entirely new market for marketing. This can increase the digital marketing that agencies use. Many businesses are taking advantage of the ability to create Facebook pages and direct traffic to these pages. Twitter is an ideal medium to put out the message and redirect visitors to websites as well as Facebook pages. By putting such buttons on websites, visitors can promote pages from within.

In many cases, a flash agency can help to design and create as well as captivate flash banners and help to promote businesses. Such banners can be placed in strategic locations on the site to help target various users and direct even more traffic to the site.

There are many new forms of digital marketing including iPads, Mobile apps, iPhone apps and more. Such apps are cleverly designed to be fun and interactive. They can deliver a full site informational page as well as offer up unique features for specific users. Such campaigns can help to spread the message even further.

Many clients are looking for information, by putting the information out there and using the right SEO and keywords, users are able to find their search via search engines or YouTube Playlists (Social Media Marketing Agency Playlist). In turn, the websites are accessed and offering this information and promoting a solid business. The higher the page ranking in a search engine, the more likely the site is to be found.